Decorative Painting Kitchen Cabinet in Faux Cherry

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With faux finishing and decorative painting, old areas can be made to look new! By creating faux granite countertops using low VOC, water-based specialty paints on laminate to revitalizing your out-outdated cabinetry,  kitchen renovation is one of the most frequently requested interior design areas.

Bathroom decor is another often requested area for faux finishing and decorative painting techniques. Repainting and glazing cabinets with beautiful  updated styles,  giving your coutertops a makeover or creating a new look on your walls,  might be just the lift that your old bath area needs!

Decorative Wall Painting

Decorative Wall Painting at Whitley Galleries, Zebulon, NC

Fresh Room Design Ideas


The use of faux painting and other decorative techniques and products can create unique, new results while saving the homeowner significantly. Want marble columns but not the marble column cost? Faux finishing produces exquisite results – and they will be matched beautifully with the rest of your decor!

For the Whole House

If you’re thinking about some updated interior decorating, accessorizing ideas  or simple color coordination, contact me and I’ll show you creative ways to reflect your own personal taste,  and update your look.

If your house isn’t becoming, you should be coming to Redfearn Decorative Painting!


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