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Transform your kitchen countertops with faux finishing

Giani_Granite_Paint – Kitchen Countertop

Kitchens are wonderful places to use faux finishes.  If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you’re getting bored with your old laminate countertops, let Redfearn work her magic for you! With custom faux finishes to match your existing kitchen or if you need a totally new look for your kitchen rennovation, Redfearn can make your kitchen ideas come to life!

Kitchen counters, such as the faux finish granite countertop to the left, are prime targets for adding beauty to your kitchen design or kitchen rennovation project. The owners of this home wanted something to replace their Corian™ countertops that would add flair to the kitchen, be easy to clean, and above all, be a durable kitchen surface for them.

With the wonderful properties of modern faux finishes, Redfearn was able to create a faux granite look using specialty faux finish paints for Faux Marble Countertopkitchen countertops. This new finish creates a very rich and inviting space – at a fraction of the cost of  standard kitchen granite countertops.

If you’re currently looking at new granite countertops, or if you have old, outdated laminate and want to save the wear and tear of having them removed and replaced, take a look at Redfearn Faux Finishes to give you the rich, updated look you want at a fraction of the cost!



Kitchen Cabinetry


We’ve gotten the granite countertops out of the way, now how about those kitchen cabinets? The cabinets pictured to the right from a recent kitchen project near Raleigh NC are solid wood and in great shape but needed an updated finish, so with some cleaning, a new base coat and custom glaze and topcoat, they are now, to anyone looking at them, beautiful mahogany kitchen cabinets!  An added “plus” to all faux finishes created by Redfearn, is that all paints, stains, glazes and topcoats used are water-based and low VOC!

Faux finish kitchen cabinets are every bit as easy to clean as the original, very durable, and obviously, look just like wood kitchen cabinets.

Notice the backsplash – it’s not tile, it’s RS Crete™, a textured, decorative veneer that was used over plain sheetrock!   This remarkable product can be tinted to match any decor and is a creative alternative to having tile installed, while being extremely durable and easy to clean.

Most any type or style of  kitchen cabinetry makes an ideal candidate for faux finishes. Colors can be coordinated to match flooring, tile, window treatments or any  color scheme that you may have in mind. Because all of our faux finishing work is done on-site, Redfearn is able to match the colors much closer than trying to pick out a color in a showroom and hope it looks good when you have it installed.

With solid experience and an eye for detail and color, Redfearn faux finish kitchen cabinets will surprise and delight you with their beauty.

If you are in the market for kitchen cabinets because you’re tired of looking at the same old drab cabinets day after day, and need an updated look, contact Redfearn Faux Finishes for ideas on how you can achieve the exact look you want – at a fraction of the cost!  By having your cabinetry and countertops refinished, you are helping to do your part for the environment by avoiding throwing them in the landfill!


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